The heart of Playa Loma Bonita revolves around the
people who have graciously accepted us into their community.

While going to great lengths to guarantee our commitment to the area, it is not without its challenges. Voluntourism is a unique and, as we are discovering, very practical way to maintain a significant impact on the area. Over the past three years we have built a school and new roads and have repaired various community structures. We have dug wells and have provided access to the electricity grid where there was none. For this reason we have established the Playa Loma Bonita Voluntourism program that allows our guests to participate in any number of community projects in progress throughout the year.

In Loma Bonita, Mexico, we have been truly inspired by the local youth. What started as a soccer team sponsorship evolved into plans to build a schoolhouse. We hope to supplement local education in subjects like English language and computer science, provide recreational weekend activities, and offer internships at the resort. The satisfaction generated from helping the local community can be just as rewarding as surfing a perfect wave or catching the biggest fish. Usually the reward, whether a moment of positive warm glow or the deep long lasting feeling of making a difference, can turn a simple vacation into a very meaningful experience. There are always new projects being initiated throughout the community. From repairing structures to assisting in teaching the local youth language or computer skills, we’re never short of projects to work on.

At Playa Loma Bonita, we believe in Giving Back. Even the smallest efforts are of great help – simply bringing down box of pencils and some paper will help the kids in our school. Furthermore, our wonderful cook, Thomasa, has a daughter, Karina who is the person on site who speaks the most English and who works as our guest coordinator. She takes the bus every day from 7:30-11:30 to English classes, paid for by us and the generosity of our guests. Our guests often learn quite a bit of Spanish during their stays at Playa Loma Bonita as well because our staff members are so friendly!

For more information about Playa Loma Bonita’s Voluntourism program, and to volunteer within the community during your stay, please email us: info@playalomabonita.com